In line with the program advocacy strengthening of the Department in the region specifically thru website posting, DILG Region 3, thru its Regional and Information and Communications Technology Unit (RICTU), conducted a Virtual Coaching on the Website Administration and Updating of Provinces on May 24, 2023 via Zoom platform.

 Designated Information Technology (IT) Officers and other personnel from the seven (7) Provincial Offices attended the activity. It was aimed to equip the knowledge and skills of Provincial Office personnel on website administration and updating to provide respective clientele up-to-date information on relevant DILG programs, projects and activities thru the provinces' official websites.

Coaching course content included discussion of Government Website Template Design (GWTD), other basic interface requirements per Administrative Order No. 39, and Web Programming and Content Management System (CMS) tool of DILG regional and provincial websites. Further, RICTU personnel led an actual demonstration on the updating and administration of the different contents of the website.